Why it pays to shop around

While many people just accept the rates and banking products offered by their bank out of convenience or lack of time to shop around, they may not be getting the best position for their own personal needs. Our thorough research and meticulous process and access to a wide range of lenders means we can get the right loans and best rates for our customers. This not only saves them time, effort and money – but brings them the best outcome. So it’s really a win-win.

What are the benefits of using a broker over a bank?

The industry suggests that Finance Brokers now hold more than 50% of the market place since the consumers feel they receive a better outcome for their financial needs.  Q Mortgage Australia provides an outstanding service by utilizing their access to a wide range of lenders so we can provide the best loan rate product for each customer. We consider their circumstances and finance goals to find the right loan type and structure for their needs.